Nike Hercules LA-94 
Roster 1965-1968

Moltz,  Capt.
Simms, Lt.
Zahren, Lt.
1st Lt. John Thames Jr.
Johnson, Butch Cliff(Clerk)
*Lapoint, Roy H. 1st Sergeant  (Transferred to Saugus Battery Hdq.  (Died April 14, 1998 in Florida)
Sgt. Bickford, (went through a jeep windshield one rainy muddy night, injured in crash)
SP4 Andrew Webster  switchboard operator
Malley, Steve  PFC (Company Clerk)  **

IFC Area ……
Durffee, Ed  IFC Warrant, CW2-3 Left for Bn Hq mid 67 and was soon sent to LA-04 as
                  IFC plt Ldr, after one year went to Korea.  (11/59 - 7/67)  []
Lundford, 2nd Lt.
Blurton, Neil E., IFC elevation/range operator. PFC. 23 year old draftee. Memories of Ace Kanes Tavern. Requested/received transfer to Seattle Air defense. - Colville WA     4/59-10/59
Clapsaddle, Terrence E-5 later CW2 
*DeNardo, David  E-5 IFC  ACQ  4/66-1/67  []  
Greco, Sgt.SSGT  Retired a CSM Command Sergeant Major ... Great guy to work for!
*East, Herman Staff SGT E6  IFC crew chief   /64-11/68
Foster, Bill  SSG  
Gaynor, Dan E-5
Harvey, Terrence PFC
Iglesias, SGT First Class E7
Johnson, Darrel PFC
Kent, Paul PFC  (1967)
Kjellsen, Richard C.  IFC  went to OCS Fort Sill   5/64-7/66
    (Worked IFC, was the PX Steward with Daniel Gaynor just before leaving for OCS at Fort Sill. )
Knous, Larry M  E-4  ACQ  10/64-9/65
Lewis, Paul PFC (1967) E-5 TTR  11/67-10/68   LEWIS1974@AOL.COM 
      (TTR OPTR. was there for tinal siren blow as site was deactivated) 
Lyman, James  E-5  (may be Launch Area?)
*McLain, Don  E-4    '65-'69  [
Mitchell,   Rodney E-4 (married a California girl ... Dawn)
Nye, Dan (per Gary Lutz) from Ohio
Knous, Larry M.  E-4 Acquisition Operator 10/64-9/65
Pence, Dan PFC (1967) 
Procuniar, David E-5 TTR operator from Ohio3/65-2/68
Ruder, Frank  E-5 (aquisition operator) from NJ
Rouleau, Paul  PFC
*Sargent, Jerry (Aka Dickey)?  (Classmates email)  Azimuth Operator
Showe, Terry spent last 4 months at HQTRS battery before orders to Vietnam in Oct 1967 (1st Inf Div) 
Smith, Samuel E-4  (Sam passed away in 1999)
Watkins, John  
Watts, E-4
Zeihen, Richard H.   Radao Operator  SP4    6/63-7/65

Launch Area……
Hiller, LT.
Ragusa,  CW2
Plummer, CW2
Campbell, Sgt.  **
Bailey, Mike9/62-7/65
Barrios, "went by the name of GiGi"  Per Ron Guy 
Bibby, Sgt.
Becker, Chuck  E-4
Bouchard, Brien **
Bergeron, Ronald J.  (after LA-94 graduated from OCS) 
Birkner, Dan E-4 (married a valley girl Diane) Living in Spokane, Washington per Don McClain 3/01
Clapsaddle, Terrence  E-4
Davis, Jack E-4
Echeverria, Mauel   (6/65 - 8/66)
*Fowlkes, Bobby L.  Sr.  6/65 - 8/66  E-4   []   left LA-94 went to Germany
Gains, Larry
Geer, Jack
*Guy, Ron  **  E-4 
Harris, Ronnie **
Hubbert, William
*Huddleston , Chuck  (retired in 1983 as a CWO-3)  Fort Worth, Texas  []
*Johnson, Robert   []
Loeb, Thomas J.     7/62-12/63
*Lutz, Gary E-4
Leasure, David E-4
Lepper, Larry E-4
Liggins, Larry
Powell,  Spc. 4
Martinez, Calif E-4
Mason, Rudie   (5/65 - 8/66)
McAfee, Dale
McKee, James
McKee, John
Munoz, Roddy  (6/65 - 8/66)  Roddy went to medic school then on to Vietnam
Roberts, Joseph PFC (1967)
Reardon, John  ** PFC
Reece, Rodney 
Schlotfelt, Don E5 pit rat  10/66-8/68 
        (E5 pit rat then war head team with CWO Brewer the best officer in the Army) 
Stratton, William Sgt
Vadnais, Ed  Firing Panel Operator                  (6/63 - 7/65)
Williams, Ray
Willis, (Red hair)
Wright, Sgt

Parslow, Clyde F.   went from launch area to being a cook  (may have passed away in 1997 N.Y)

Generator Operator
Bennett, Charles  E-4  7/63-5/65  Generator operator (IFC/Launch area)   "PX Steward"

Guidence & Maintenance
Geer, Jack  SP5 3/67   Draftee, final duty National Guard Site 2931 La Cresenta, CA

Dog Handlers
Powell, Jim E-5
Passions, Jesse E-5

Hobby Shop
PFC Billups, Gary E-4

* = contacted by email or phone
** = sent in by Ron Guy 5/10/2011

Over the past couple of years Don McLain and I tried to put to gether a roster of everyone serving at LA-94 between Feb 1965 & Jan 1968.  Below is a list that we came up with. This is not everyone but I hope to find everyone eventually.  
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CWO 4 Durfee etc
Sent in by Terry Harvey
Sent in by Terry Harvey