Nike Hercules LA-94 
Roster 1965-1968

Moltz,  Capt.
Simms, Lt.
Zahren, Lt.
1st Lt. John Thames Jr.
Johnson, Butch Cliff(Clerk)
*Lapoint, Roy H. 1st Sergeant  (Transferred to Saugus Battery Hdq.  (Died April 14, 1998 in Florida)
Sgt. Bickford, (went through a jeep windshield one rainy muddy night, injured in crash)
SP4 Andrew Webster  switchboard operator
Malley, Steve  PFC (Company Clerk)  **

IFC Area ……
Durffee, Ed  IFC Warrant, CW2-3 Left for Bn Hq mid 67 and was soon sent to LA-04 as
                  IFC plt Ldr, after one year went to Korea.  (11/59 - 7/67)  []
Lundford, 2nd Lt.
Blurton, Neil E., IFC elevation/range operator. PFC. 23 year old draftee. Memories of Ace Kanes Tavern. Requested/received transfer to Seattle Air defense. - Colville WA     4/59-10/59
Caudill, Robert
Clapsaddle, Terrence E-5 later CW2 
*DeNardo, David  E-5 IFC  ACQ  4/66-1/67  []  
Greco, Sgt.SSGT  Retired a CSM Command Sergeant Major ... Great guy to work for!
*East, Herman Staff SGT E6  IFC crew chief   /64-11/68
Foster, Bill  SSG 
Gaynor, Dan E-5  
Gardner, Jay only there for six months, then sent to Germany  (1967 IFC Van ACQ)
Harvey, Terrence PFC
Iglesias, SGT First Class E7
Johnson, Darrel PFC
Kent, Paul PFC  (1967)
Kjellsen, Richard C.  IFC  went to OCS Fort Sill   5/64-7/66
    (Worked IFC, was the PX Steward with Daniel Gaynor just before leaving for OCS at Fort Sill. )
Knous, Larry M  E-4  ACQ  10/64-9/65
Lewis, Paul PFC (1967) E-5 TTR  11/67-10/68   LEWIS1974@AOL.COM 
      (TTR OPTR. was there for final siren blow as site was deactivated) 
Lyman, James  E-5  (may be Launch Area?)
*McLain, Don  E-4    '65-'69  [
Mitchell,   Rodney E-4 (married a California girl ... Dawn)
Nye, Dan (per Gary Lutz) from Ohio
Knous, Larry M.  E-4 Acquisition Operator 10/64-9/65
Pence, Dan PFC (1967) 
Procuniar, David E-5 TTR operator from Ohio3/65-2/68
Ruder, Frank  E-5 (aquisition operator) from NJ
Rouleau, Paul  PFC
*Sargent, Jerry (Aka Dickey)?  (Classmates email)  Azimuth Operator
Showe, Terry spent last 4 months at HQTRS battery before orders to Vietnam in Oct 1967 (1st Inf Div) 
Smith, Samuel E-4  (Sam passed away in 1999)
Watkins, John  
Watts, E-4
Zeihen, Richard H.   Radao Operator  SP4    6/63-7/65

Launch Area……
Hiller, LT.
Ragusa,  CW2
Plummer, CW2
Campbell, Sgt.  **
Bailey, Mike9/62-7/65
Barrios, "went by the name of GiGi"  Per Ron Guy 
Bibby, Sgt.
Becker, Chuck  E-4
Bouchard, Brien **
Bergeron, Ronald J.  (after LA-94 graduated from OCS) 
Birkner, Dan E-4 (married a valley girl Diane) Living in Spokane, Washington per Don McClain 3/01
Clapsaddle, Terrence  E-4
Davis, Jack E-4
Echeverria, Mauel   (6/65 - 8/66)
*Fowlkes, Bobby L.  Sr.  6/65 - 8/66  E-4   []   left LA-94 went to Germany
Gains, Larry
Geer, Jack
*Guy, Ron  **  E-4 
Harris, Ronnie **
Hubbert, William
*Huddleston , Chuck  (retired in 1983 as a CWO-3)  Fort Worth, Texas  []
*Johnson, Robert   []
Loeb, Thomas J.     7/62-12/63
*Lutz, Gary E-4
Leasure, David E-4
Lepper, Larry E-4
Liggins, Larry
Powell,  Spc. 4
Martinez, Calif E-4
Mason, Rudie   (5/65 - 8/66)
McAfee, Dale
McKee, James
McKee, John
Munoz, Roddy  (6/65 - 8/66)  Roddy went to medic school then on to Vietnam
Roberts, Joseph PFC (1967)
Reardon, John  ** PFC
Reece, Rodney 
Schlotfelt, Don E5 pit rat  10/66-8/68 
        (E5 pit rat then war head team with CWO Brewer the best officer in the Army) 
Stratton, William Sgt
Vadnais, Ed  Firing Panel Operator                  (6/63 - 7/65)
Williams, Ray
Willis, (Red hair)
Wright, Sgt

Parslow, Clyde F.   went from launch area to being a cook  (may have passed away in 1997 N.Y)

Generator Operator
Bennett, Charles  E-4  7/63-5/65  Generator operator (IFC/Launch area)   "PX Steward"

Guidence & Maintenance
Geer, Jack  SP5 3/67   Draftee, final duty National Guard Site 2931 La Cresenta, CA

Dog Handlers
Powell, Jim E-5
Passions, Jesse E-5

Hobby Shop
PFC Billups, Gary E-4

* = contacted by email or phone
** = sent in by Ron Guy 5/10/2011

Over the past couple of years Don McLain and I tried to put to gether a roster of everyone serving at LA-94 between Feb 1965 & Jan 1968.  Below is a list that we came up with. This is not everyone but I hope to find everyone eventually.  
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CWO 4 Durfee etc
Sent in by Terry Harvey
Sent in by Terry Harvey